The Jean Genie

February 28, 2007 at 4:10 pm Leave a comment

Wow…I have had a good start to the week. I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to write for a few days.

Since last writing we have managed to find a new flat! Woo! And we are also in the process of planning to pack, we haven’t got round to packing anything yet but we have made a start at clearing out some old books we didn’t want and I have been taking bags of them down to the charity shop this week.

Over the weekend, we went to a fancy dress birthday party (theme: 1960s) and I dressed as a 60s air stewardess. My boyfriend was dressed as Che Guevara (he died in 1967) and we had a great time singing karaoke and dancing. Now I was discussing this with my boyfriend that, I’m not a massive fan of fancy dress parties. I’m not sure if other overweight people agree with me but my theory is this: We hate it because we have to wear clothes that we aren’t comfortable in. Now when I mean comfortable, I don’t mean that they are easy to wear with nice soft fabrics, I mean they are the same old clothes that we know we can fit in and hide all the bits we hate. My usual, comfortable clothes are always a pair of black tailored trousers (usually a wide fit as to not cling to my thighs) and a top and cardigan. Now, I hate my black trousers, but they are the only thing that I think isn’t going to show off my thighs or make my arse look massive – I am so fed up with them that one of my goals for losing weight is to be able to fit into jeans again and look good in them!

Now the pressures that are associated with going to work everyday and wearing black trousers are that people start to think you only have one pair of trousers and wonder what’s wrong with you. No one has ever said anything to me but I know they are thinking it and wondering why I never wear jeans or skirts or different coloured trousers. I have three pairs of black trousers that I wash regularly so that I always have a fresh pair to wear, but I feel so embarrassed and can’t wait to fit into different clothes and start experimenting more with colours. Summer is always the worst time for black trouser wearers as it is always so hot and black absorbs the heat and you simply look stupid walking around with black trousers and a cardi. Now, every summer I overcome the ‘showing off my upper arms’ thing in public, but it is always a struggle. I don’t know if it is just me or whether other people have had this experience, but as soon as you wear a short sleeved t-shirt, people seem to start looking at your upper arms and noticing that they are big! I hate it.

So, anyways, back to fancy dress parties. The reason why I enjoyed this fancy dress party more so than others was because I have now lost 4 kgs and I am starting to feel changes in my body. Good changes. And my confidence is starting to increase. So I wore a really cute, below the knee, black skirt and a tight, slinky black top with a 60s patterned neck scarf and a thick shiny purple alice band. I was told several times throughout the night that I looked amazing, sophisticated and chic…so that gave me a boost and my boyfriend kept telling me how sexy I was!

The same night, there was another woman at the party that I know who is also overweight. Although we haven’t talked about it I know that she is uncomfortable with he weight as she shows all the signs. She wears the same jeans and big leather jacket whenever I see her and just changes her t-shirt which is always a dark baggy one. I could tell she hated the fancy dress party as she had tried to accessorise with 60s things rather than wear something that looks 60s. She wore the same jeans, t-shirt and black leather jacket and just wore a pair of sunglasses and put some jewellery on that looked almost 60s. I have been thinking about it since and am so happy that I am trying to make changes. I don’t ever want to be a slave to my weight again, ever!

Hopefully, it won’t be long before I get into a pair of jeans, I can’t wait. I used to wear UK size 16 jeans and I looked good in them, so I only have to go down one clothes size, as I am currently UK size 18.

That reminds me, I need to decide on an ideal weight for me so that I can aim for it. I’ll look at some websites and see what they suggest is the best way of working it out. I know that in clothes size terms if I can get down to a UK 14-16, I’ll be really happy. If I can lose more that would be a bonus!

David Bowie – The Jean Genie, Live:


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