The Moving House Workout

March 1, 2007 at 11:33 am Leave a comment

I am moving house in 17 days and we haven’t started packing yet. My plan is to get the house nice and tidy first, Spring clean, and then mess it all up again with boxes, boxes and more boxes as well as some bags full of stuff. Cleaning our current flat is always a workout in itself as our vacuum cleaner has started to play up. As if hoovering wasn’t hard enough, I now have to yank at the power cord every few seconds just to move around a room. As Thursday’s are usually my day off from the gym I thought that cleaning the house and possibly starting to pack would keep me active and give me an allover body workout.

It’s funny how I see everyday things now as adding to my weight loss mission. My boyfriend and I have loads of books and we simply can’t move all of them with us again so we sat down the other night and started to decisively choose between which books we really wanted to keep and which ones we were going to give to the local charity shop. Anyways, I ended up taking big bags of heavy books with me on my way to the gym and dropping them off at the local charity shop, it’s amazing how easy I found lugging these heavy bags of books since I started working out at the gym. Let’s hope actually moving house will be as easy – wish me luck!


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