Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…

March 4, 2007 at 2:26 am Leave a comment

I’m sitting here trying to ignore the great sense of satisfaction I’ve just got from ruining our neighbours’ party. I’ve just watched 5 of them pile into a taxi and the noise levels seem to have decreased. Now this may sound slightly nasty of me or you may think that I am one of those horrible neighbours but this is a real triumph. We have been living in this flat for 14 months and when we first moved in, we soon realised what we had let ourselves in for. We are on the top floor of a set of 3 flats. The ground floor is occupied by a family of 4 and they seem like really nice, quiet people, they keep themselves to themselves and smile whenever we see them. The 1st floor however is a completely different story altogether, it is occupied by 3 single guys who have a strange love for Elton John and The Killers. They have monthly parties that start at 12.30am and they load their flat with loud, singing, dancing, smoking, ignorant people who don’t find it slightly irrational at this time of night to be playing their music as loud as possible and then playing the drums and electric guitar over it whilst singing at the top of their lungs. As if this wasn’t enough, they all seem to jump and slam doors at regular intervals.

Anyways, the reason why I am sitting here at 02:06 on Sunday morning is that they have decided to have yet another party. I was relaxing in the bath reading ‘Northern Lights’ (a book that has been recommended to me so many times I thought I’d better read it) and my boyfriend was sound asleep in bed after a hard day of packing and sorting the house out for the impending move. Then I heard that dreadful noise. The noise which is usually followed by hordes of bellowing animals…the party animals had arrived. Thoroughly engrossed in my book, I thought I would spend he rest of the night, until the party was over, reading my book (yes, yes, I am already enjoying the book and I am only on page 36) but my boyfriend walked in fuming and complaining about the ridiculous level of noise right under our bedroom. We did think that as we are moving in 13 days we might get away with not having to put up with another one of these awful parties, but no.

Well my boyfriend went downstairs and complained about the sound twice and both times after being asked to turn the music down, they just said ‘yeah’ and slammed the door shut. We were fuming! We have never, ever complained before, mostly because I didn’t want to start any arguments with them and have a bad relationship with them. But tonight it was just too much. After complaining the third time, they seemed to turn the music down and then 5 of them piled into a cab home. After their immediate departure, we were relieved and thought about actually getting some sleep after a hard day of packing, sorting and lifting. But it seems like the party is still going on as they are shouting along to a U2 concert and seem to enjoying waking up the whole street. As if having to listen to U2 wasn’t bad enough, we have to listen to them shouting along to it as well! Oh well, my sense of satisfaction seems to be short lived and we are now going to settle down and watch ‘Bride of Chucky’ with a very annoying soundtrack.

The one thing I really don’t understand about them is how they can be so inconsiderate especially as there are 2 small children living beneath them!?

Watch Max, Harold and David from Neighbours start a noise band:


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