Early Morning Gym Bliss

Photo copyright maHidoodiI woke up early this morning to get in the gym for my first workout of three for the week. It was a struggle as I didn’t go to bed until 2am, so my eyes were shut while I was getting dressed. I always have to be so quiet as to not wake my boyfriend up, but I always manage to drop something and he opens his eyes and says “well done”. He knows how much I want to lose weight and how much of a struggle it is to get up early and go to the gym before work, so it’s sweet to hear his encouragement.

I walked fast to the gym as it was quite chilly. Once I got there I did a fast 5 minutes on the rowing machine and then headed downstairs to the weights section. I mainly worked on the thighs and calves and then finished the 40 minute session with 15 minutes on th treadmill. It was hard work but I felt so good for doing it.

I weighed myself today and I am the same. I obviously need to start focussing more on what i’m eating and trying to think less about food. I am still snacking here and there and I had some alcohol on the weekend, which I could cut down on, as well as the chocolates/sweets. I haven’t had much but I kind of gave in to eating sugary things and desserts on Friday and Saturday night.

I will focus this week and let you know how it goes. I ate pasta tonight, home cooked with no extra sugar or excessive oil. I feel really full and I’m not looking at eating anything else before bed.

Good night, FFF

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I’ve been gyming it like mad

Since the start of my new fitness regime two weeks ago, I have been back at the gym. I manage to get roughly 40 minutes in before work in the mornings. As i felt slightly unfit, due to the lack of gym activity for a few months, I started on week 1 with just 2 days and then on the second week I managed to get a 3rd day in. It’s my aim now to stay at this rate and try and get three 40 minute sessions in a week.

I do however feel that I need some advice. I would love to have a session with a trainer to see what I should be doing and trying to make the most out of my 40 minute sessions. I try and do 15 minutes of cardio and then the rest weights. I focus the weight activity on the legs one morning, arms another and then on the third morning all body. Not very accurate, but that’s what I’m hoping to sort out soon

I really enjoyed my extra long session today as I had the day off work and so spent an hour working out. I ran for 15 minutes on the treadmill and also did 10 minutes on the cross trainer. I then went downstairs and did some weights, focussing on my legs and stomach and then made my way home for a nice long, warm shower.

There was this really weird and annoying guy in the gym today though, he stood at the treadmill and turned the speed right up so that it was scarily fast and then jumped on and ran for a couple of minutes at a time, with stops in between. He looked in real pain and was totally out of breath. It can’t be good, can it?

I was running at approx 8km/h and managed 2km…now I’m not sure how good that is, I suspect it isn’t very good, but it felt the right speed and I was sweating loads.

Any tips/ideas on what I should do in the gym to maximise weight loss and increase body toning, welcome!

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I’m back and so is the weight

I’m back again, it has been almost 9 months since my last blog entry and since then I have managed to put all my weight back on again. Two weeks ago, I was back at 100kg. It took a long while to put the weight back on, I managed to keep it off right up until Christmas and then it was a downward spiral from there. One excuse from another. I’m not totally sure why, apart from the eating and not going to the gym enough, I don’t really understand why I let myself get back to my old weight?

Here are some of the reasons:

– Lack of motivation due to long work hours: I now have to go to the gym three times a week before work, so that means early mornings and getting ready quickly in the morning to get to work on time. I could go after work, but I just wouldn’t have the energy.

– Cold weather: throughout the winter months, having to wake up early while it was still dark was a big struggle. I also go to bed quite late, so sleeping is important to me.

– Losing sight of my main aim: I let others things get to me, I started to get back into old habits and eating comfort foods to supposedly ‘help’ me after a hard day’s work. I also didn’t set myself an actual weight loss target, I think that was also a problem.

– Getting too many weight loss compliments from everyone: My boyfriends parents, my family and friends were all noticing my weight loss. Losing 10kg did make a significant difference to the way I looked, but it also gave me more confidence, so I started wearing jeans again and buying more fitted clothes. But deep down, I knew it wasn’t enough and I couldn’t see the person I wanted to be yet in the mirror. I should have just been happy with what I had managed to do already and how far I had come along, but I started to get down about it and gradually lost interest and lost the will to succeed…what was the point?

There were other reasons, which I will touch on when in my future entries, but there were also lots of positives that came with the weight loss.

I started back on my fitness and weight loss regime two weeks ago, Mon 7 April. I will now start planning my comeback and will document all.

Wish me luck!


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The New Me

Wow – it has been a long time since I ventured anywhere near this blog. Mostly because I have been extremely busy with a new job and adjusting to working full time hours and also because I have been going through a weird patch with my new eating/living regime and didn’t feel proud to write about it. I went through a period of being the same weight for over two months and finally, last week, I weighed myself and I have reached my first goal – I now weigh 90kg

At the start of all this, I said to myself that I should really try ot lose 10kg and get to 90kg and I will be much happier about myself and life, and guess what? I am!

The biggest differences you can see are in my face, neck and belly. I also have more defined collar and neck shoulder bones – which I love. Everyone has noticed the change and are asking me whether I have lost weight! That is really strange and I am finding it quite awkward to deal with. In one respect, I used to hope I didn’t look that bad before I lost weight and therefore am finding it hard now as people say that they have noticed a change. I will blog about this in more detail soon as it is an interesting aspect that I think needs to be explored further.The next weigh in is tomorrow, so watch this space! I can’t waut to get in the 80s!

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New job, new gym and new fitness programme.

Yes…finally, I have managed to start losing weight again. It has been a good few weeks now that my weight has stayed the same and I had been sporadically going to the gym. I had a really busy week last week and only managed to get to the gym twice. I am on track to go three times this week but we’ll see what happens I suppose.

I had a great workout at the gym today. My day started well with me getting lots of chores out of the way and event though I set off late, I decided to walk to the gym. It is a good 30 minutes walk but as the London weather is so lovely today and I wasn’t in a mad rush, I though I might as well enjoy the walk and it always doubles up as a warm up. I was like the cartoon character ‘Road Runner’ and was speeding my way towards the gym listening to some amazing music (The Cure, The Raconteurs, LCD Soundsystem and many others). I was weaving my way round slow moving people and over taking like a power walking champion! I had worked up quite a good sweat by the time I arrived at the gym.

It was quite busy today with the same guys that usually hang around there during the day. They love watching themselves in the mirror and watching all the girls. It’s quite funny when I catch them looking at me or other girls while we are on various weight machines, they can’t resist!

I did 10 mins on the bike, 5 minutes (really fast) on the rowing machine then went over to the weight machines where I did more or less 3 rounds of 20-30 reps on most machines. I then finished the session with a 15 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes of that I was running. I felt really pleased with myself and am looking forward to the rest of the week’s workouts….in my NEW gym!

Yes! I joined my new gym today as well, it is just down the road so it’s better for me to go to the gym before/after work. I went in and sorted out all the payments and had my picture taken for my card and booked in for my induction, which is on Wednesday. After that, I can then meet my personal trainer for my 6 week workout plan. It’s all very exciting, I can’t wait to have a plan to work to and hopefully see better results. I will let you all know how it goes.

I also bought my first pair of jeans in 5 years! Yes, I feel absolutely amazing these days and my confidence has increased and my body has started to change with he weight I have started to lose. As a result, I thought I’d try a pair on today and I loved them. So I am going to see what my boyfriend thinks and if he gives them the thumbs up too I’ll keep them.

My new jeans

I also forgot to mention, I got a new job! I underwent a whole series of interviews and tests last week and I got the call saying they want me for the job. I start in two weeks, hence why I decided to swap gyms. I am going to have to start buying some new clothes for my new job – I need to look the part 😉 I am also aiming to lose more weight before I start, just to give me that little bit more confidence for my first day, wish me luck!

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Changing Gyms

I have been waiting to change my gym until I moved house so that I could see what the new local gym is like. Well the new gym is great and for just £5 more a month compared to my current one, I get a session with the personal trainer evey month. Now, all of you who have been reading my blog over the last few months will know that this is just what I need. I have been in real need of some direction and help with my gym sessions. I always have a really good workout when I’m in the gym and U have started to see results but I still think I could benefit from having some proper advice and someone helping me with  more specific exercises to target different parts of my body.

Once I have my session, I’ll write it all up here to share with you all.

But before that, I actually have to try to leave my current gym, Fitness First. They are being really annoying about my 1 month notice. I have been with them for well over a year and a half now and they said that they need a month’s notice, which is fair enough. But the month has to be at the beginning of the month! So, even though I had handed in my notice on 18th April, I still have to pay for the whole of May. Therefore my gym membership won’t finish until beginning of June. I am quite annoyed but there isn’t much I can do. I just hate the way companies always make things so hard to cancel direct debits. If they say one month’s notice then it should be just that, not one month and several more weeks.

Shame as I was really looking forward to going to a gym 5 mins walk away from my house instead of 30 mins and a bus ride back. Can’t wait for June!

I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

April 24, 2007 at 9:41 pm 1 comment

I have been gyming it…I promise!

I know, I know, I have been awful lately in updating my blog. I must admit though, some of that has got to do with the fact that I have been really busy and haven’t made it to the gym as often as I usually do. So you could say I’ve been slightly ashamed and also not so motivated to write because of it. I have also stayed the same weight over the last 3 weeks, which isn’t brilliant as I was hoping to keep losing weight but at least I didn’t put any on.

It was back to normal last week though, I managed to get to the gym 3 times and as I hadn’t been going too regularly for two weeks before that, I decided to take it easy and did a full hour but reduced the weights slightly and the reps.

I did however have a great session at the gym today, I walked there, which took 30 mins fast walking, and then I did a full hours workout with a mixture of cardio and weight training. It felt great and was really motivated on the treadmill too and managed 15 mins fast running. So I am very pleased with myself for that.

Watching the London Marathon on Sunday made me think about whether I could possibly start training and actually run a marathon…I’m not sure if I want to though, it does look really hard! I do know that when I really want to do something, I always do it…so I need to think this one over first! I know two people that have run the marathon before and I know my dad was going to do it a good few years ago but we moved to Iran so he missed the chance. It would be fun and I would really feel like I would be achieving something. I’ll keep mulling this one over I think before I make any commitments, I still need to get a lot fitter first, maybe that should be my initial goal.

I want to start swimming toom I used to love swimming all the time and I am really good at it. There are just three issues I have with swimming: 1) the water, it is always filthy with thing floating about in it 2) i don’t like wearing a swimming costume in front of other people. I mean, we don’t normally dress down to a thin slither of a cloth on an everyday basis in front of other people and so I find it hard to do that when at a swimming pool too. 3) waxing! I would have to have my legs waxed all the time! Now, all those girls out there that have Mediterranean skin and are blessed with lovely dark leg hairs!!! Yes, you know exactly what I’m saying!

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KooKoo Sabzi Recipe


  • vegetables (parsley, dill, coriander, lettuce, spring onion ends), about 1 kg
  • 6 x large free range eggs
  • Zereshk (barberry) 2 spoonfuls
  • 2 handfuls of chopped walnuts
  • wheat flour, one spoon
  • sunflower oil
  • salt
  • ground black pepper

Wash herbs and rinse thoroughly. Chop finely. Add eggs, salt, pepper, flour, barberry and walnuts. Mix well and beat it to get lots of air into the mixture.

Heat oil in a non-stick pan until it is really hot. Pour in the mixture, flatten the surface with the back of a spoon, and place the lid on. Reduce heat and all to fry for about 10 minutes, until kookoo is cooked under. Cut into 4 equal pieces, turn over, and allow to cook on a low heat for another 20 minutes.


  • Chives, sometimes called garlic chives are the same as “tarreh”. If you can’t find fresh chives, you can use the stems of either scallions (piazcheh) which are also called green onions, or Leek which is the same as “tarreh farangi”.

This is a great dish for vegetarians and goes well with rice or even in a sandwich with lots of lovely salad. I used to get leftovers of this to have in my sandwiches at school when I was younger…was always scrumptious.

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Loobia Polow Recipe

Loobia Polow Recipe

  • basmati or long-grain rice, 500 grams
  • lamb or beef, 400 grams (I like using turkey mince)
  • green beans, 400 grams
  • 2 x medium onions
  • 2 spoonfuls of tomato puree
  • sunflower oil ( or any other cooking oil), small amount
  • salt
  • ground black pepper
  • Tumeric

Peel and slice onions and fry in oil until golden then add meat which has been cut into small pieces and fry over a medium heat until it all gets brown. Then cut the green beans into small-ish pieces and add them to fry for a small time too. After 5 mins add two glasses of water as well as the salt, pepper, tumeric and tomato puree and allow the whole mixture to boil down.

To prepare rice: wash rice twice and, if you have them time soak in salted warm water for 3-4 hours, otherwise just drain the water after cleaning. Pour water in a large non-stick pan until it is half-full and bring it to a boil. Add rice and a spoonful of salt and continue boiling until rice slightly softens and is half cooked. Pour rice into a drain and wash it with slightly warm water. Then finally add the meat-mix to the rice and mix well. Cover and cook over low heat for about 30 minutes. Remember rice cooks by steaming, so try not to life the top off too many times.

This dish can be made so that it is healthy by not adding too much salt or adding too much oil…I’ll leave that decision up to you.

I always have with a light salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber) with a deliciously fresh olive oil, salt, ground black pepper and freshly squeezed lime dressing).

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International Food Party

Sorry, I have been really busy and haven’t been updating my blog. This post is from Thurs 5 April…I know, I know, there is no decent excuse for this…I am going to try and catch up on everything in different posts.


As a leaving do for one of the girls at work we arranged an international food party where everyone had to bring food from their country or origin (or a country that they decided to adopt). Well, my boyfriend and I naturally represented Iran and brought a whole host of Iranian delicacies and Shiraz wine (Wikipedia: Its name stems from Shiraz—the city of flowers, wine and poetry in Iran—in the heart of an ancient winemaking region). I cooked KooKoo Sabzi and Loobya Polow (recipes to follow in next posts) and we were treated to Portuguese (Padrón peppers with olive oil and lots of salt as well as pork sausage and Portuguese Verde wine), Israeli (Matza, horseradish, Jewish wine, sweet chutneys), Swiss (cheese fondue and wine), German (potato cakes with apple sauce, red cabbage and German bread) as well as homemade Australian desserts! See images below:

Australian Desserts (and a Jewish Cake)



(Anzac biscuits, strawberry and passion fruit Pavlova and Lamingtons). We also had an Australian sing-a-long to Slim Dusty’s The Pub With No Beer. All topped off with some Bundy and coke!


The food was amazing and I must say, as it was staggered, I didn’t eat loads! Very pleased with myself.

A great night was had by all and we danced all night as everyone brought music from their own countries ranging from Kraftwerk and Keltzmer and yoddling music to traditional Iranian dancing songs (especially Baba Karam).

I did also manage to go to the gym yesterday and feel very happy with myself as too much food was consumed at the party! But I couldn’t resist eating food from around the world!

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